A Star Citizen Backer Created Event


Star Citizen backers from all over the United States and other countries gathered together in Austin, TX for the largest LIVE CitizenCon 2947 watch party and the inaugural 2-day Star Citizen backer created CON.


'VerseCon 2017 was held in New Austin, Texas, Terra at the Trinity Hall on Friday and Saturday, October 27 - 28th

If you couldn't make the trek to Germany but wanted to re-live the hype of past CitizenCons, you were invited to join fellow Star Citizen backers from the community for a two day event centered around the world's best damn space sim ever.  


Being Held in Austin.


'VerseCon 2017 will be held at the Trinity Hall in downtown Austin, TX on Friday and Saturday, October 27 - 28th.

More information about your visit to Austin is coming soonTM on our Location page.