Event Agenda Overview

Friday, November 22nd - First Annual American Bar Citizen Meet-Up

5pm CST - ???

- Join fellow backers at the (Coffee) Bar in the Hilton Austin Airport, for our First Annual American Bar Citizen Meet-Up. Yes, that means North & South American Bar Citizen groups are cordially invited to the annual gathering. After last year’s Bar Citizen parties surrounding CitCon, many of us discussed having a Bar Citizen Meet-Up for the entire Americas (and anyone else) once a year, regardless of where CitCon is. So, bring your patches, tshirts, beer steins, and anything else you have to trade, gift, or let go of for a small donation to the cause. It will be a good time, it will be great to see many of you again, and meeting fellow bar citizens is a reward that can’t be captured with words. So come for the Bar Citizen Meet-Up and stay to watch CitCon surrounded by your fellow backers.

Saturday, November 23rd

*** Schedule TBD, in coordination with the CitCon timeline. ***

- Live stream of CitCon, Panels, Contests, and Shenanigans with fellow backers!!!
- VerseCon will be hosting a cosplay contest of Star Citizen characters and CIG Staff, Giveaways for ships and other goodies, and more!

There will be full cash bar open all day along with free-to-play gaming PCs, ‘VerseCon partner booths, selfie station, fan art, merchandise and more.

**Check back here frequently or follow us on social media. As we confirm more details and activities we will keep you in the loop by updating this page.