- Your 2017 'VerseCon Planning Committee -
 The individuals listed below are hard at work making 'VerseCon come together. If you are interested in helping on the volunteer team please fill out the "Contact Us" form and also feel free to join our Discord channel.



Scuba Steve is an avid fan of early space combat sims including Wing Commander, Privateer, and X-Wing. He is the founder of Building Better Communities, an organic movement that assists streamers and potential backers with getting engaged in the project on Twitch and Beam. He also streams Star Citizen on Twitch at twitch.tv/ScubaSteveTXST.

Star Citizen Backer since 2013

Business Logistics


Marketing Manager

Beer is the bee’s knees and business is the cat’s whiskers. There’s not much that can top hops and marketing than felines for Roo. As the marketing manager, she knows just what needs to get done in order to get the project rolling and the beer brewing.

Star Citizen Backer since July 2016

Creative Director

Z-Man is a strong advocate of immersive gameplay, and wielder of dual joysticks. "Z" also Twitch streams sci-fi games and creative art. He has provided graphics and animations for several streamers within the Star Citizen community. Some people call him "ZULU Actual" since his stream viewers are known as the ZULUGroup.

Star Citizen Backer since June 2013


MC & Live Stream Director

Captain Richard 

Live Stream Co-Host & Logistical Support

Richard is a long time gaming enthusiast, stretching back to the early 80's. He has taken particular interest in space and sci-fi PC games since he was a kid; from Rescue on Fractalus and Zaxxon to the original X-Wing and Wing Commander series to modern day titles like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Star Citizen!

Star Citizen Backer since November 2013


Live Stream Co-Host & Guest Relations

GHG has been an old school PC gamer since the mid 80s. He enjoys the development process of games as much as playing them.

Star Citizen Backer since November 2013


Event Organizer

A lurker on the Star Citizen/RSI forums for a year before backing in 2014. After deciding to pledge he jumped into the Bar Citizen scene in Austin and offered to bring more organization to their socializing events. A few years later and still at it.




Volunteer Team